e1dbb-devenrueFirst, this is not a “foodie” blog.  It will not be updated with any regularity.  It will not feature recipes I haven’t made myself.  Not all posts will have an image (as a matter of fact, most of the posts I’m migrating to this blog do not have images).  Some posts don’t even have measurements!  It’s not about trying the latests taste fads or whatever.  It’s actually, not even written with the audience in mind.  It’s simply here because I want a place to post my recipes for future reference and so for those few people that ask me to post the recipe of whatever dish I happen to be teasing them with a picture of, I can point them here.  Easy peasy if you pleasy.

Second, I’m not vegan.  I’m not a vegetarian.  I’m a flexitarian.  I’m someone who has various tastes in cuisine and like to keep track of what dishes we enjoyed most.  I do make vegan dishes because I like them and because I’m a health conscious person.

Third, I’m not a professional chef but I have worked in restaurants a few times in my life.  I have not gone to school to learn my culinary skills.  They were born out of a desire to eat healthy, tasteful, and interesting foods.  I love to experiment with new tastes and dishes.  I’m not afraid to fail or mess something up because I always have a quick backup plan.

Fourth, I cook a lot in the slow cooker for two reasons.  1. I like throwing everything into the magic pot, turning it on and coming back a few hours later to find the kitchen elves had made dinner.  2. It’s greener in both saving of electricity and it’s a single dish to clean.  Plus, the food is usually a great deal more moist, so I guess that’s three reasons.

Fifth, I’m not a prepper or a farmer.  Yes, I’m into storing my own foods, canning, dehydrating, etc.  But I do this more for the sake of learning about food and how to best preserve it for future use.  Plus, buying in bulk is less expensive and in this economy, that means a lot.

Lastly, when I’m not cooking, I’m burning stuff.  More specifically wood and leather.  You can find me at my shop creating artwork to sell or I’m over on Google+ chatting with friends; or I’m out and about enjoying all the world has to offer.


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